My last first day

At least as an undergrad student.

My goals for this year include:

  • Eating breakfast daily since I’m often too lazy to make it
  • Dressing like a cool kid since I’d like to think I’m cool now as a 4th year
  • Taking outfit photos everyday for Lookbook since I haven’t updated in forevs
  • Getting my G2 license since I’ve loafted and would like to drive to school 
  • Designing cool things that communicate well since I’m cool now and all
  • Finishing my portfolio website since it’s a long time coming
  • Sleeping since that’s what all the sane (but not always cool) people do
  • Realizing I’m not actually cool

Wish me luck, please.

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  1. walter--kovacs said: Good luuuuuuck!!!!! You’ll do awesome. :D
  2. korruptseraphim said: Good luck on all that stuff Chris! G2 is a breeze!
  3. beautifail said: I have the utmost faith in you! Good luck! :)
  4. tpyj said: you’re cool =)
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